We’ve captured the untapped potential of the solar cell.

While the solar industry continues to boom, there is a significant opportunity to take the solar agenda to the next level. Solarlytics is taking a fundamentally different approach to this opportunity from a technology and holistic, integrated platform perspective – and getting incredible results. The technology we’re developing will redefine the entire solar industry.
We can take the 1-2 billion solar panels deployed in the last decade and improve their performance.

Dr. Robert McNamara Chief Technical Officer, Solarlytics

Solar Panel

Proven hardware components


The EGU is an energy enhancing device connected to multiple solar panels in a string. Designed to work with different module technologies, EGU causes an increase in power in all lighting conditions.


SUGO is a high power DC-DC converter designed to optimally set and maintain the peak power point regardless of changing light or temperature. SUGO leverages advanced algorithmic machine learning technology to improve performance over other optimizers employing standard industry technology.

Proven hardware components
Solar Panel

Certified laboratory verification

In addition to investing in our breakthrough solutions, we continue to invest in objective 3rd Party technical validation from the leading industry test labs. Here are just some of the highlights:


  • 3 months of comprehensive technology testing
  • Conclusions
    • Increase gain observed is real
    • 10% increase in electricity production at peak light conditions
    • Additional opportunity for optimization in both the hardware (e.g. more efficient components) and pulse settings

RETC (Renewable Energy Test Center)

  • 3 months of continuous testing on roof
  • Flash test and Electroluminescence test
  • Conclusions
    • Applying the pulse on modules for an extended period does not damage or impact the performance of modules

We’re inventing technology
to significantly increase
harvestable photoelectrons.
By intelligently controlling
specific surface dynamics
of each solar cell, we can
free locked electrons
to increase the energy
output of each cell.

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